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NetSquid: simulator for quantum technology

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There are high expectations in the market for quantum computers and networks. But the technology and the necessary infrastructure still need to prove themselves over the coming years. For the time being, academics and market participants have to rely on demonstrators and pilot projects. This is a great opportunity for NetSquid, an advanced simulator for designing and testing quantum networks.

From lab to practice

Considerable progress has already been made in the field of quantum networks. But the development of a quantum internet is still in its infancy. Such an internet should make it possible to communicate in a completely secure way and connect quantum devices, especially quantum computers and sensors.

Before we reach that point, we have to move from lab to practice, and for that, simulations are essential. With its simulator, NetSquid is ahead of the market and provides an ideal environment for companies and government agencies to experiment with quantum networks. These include telecom companies, financial institutions, meteorology, the Ministry of Defence, and other parties with an interest in such advanced networks and the related pioneering applications.

European successes

NetSquid has been developed by QuTech, a partnership between Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and TNO. QuTech is the global leader in research on quantum technology. NetSquid is already playing an important role in the European Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA), which is part of the European Quantum Technologies Flagship programme. This is an EU programme that has 1 billion euros at its disposal for scientific research.

NetSquid has also been used as a modelling and simulation tool for the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure initiative. The aim is to create an ultra-secure and versatile pan-European quantum internet to boost the economy and protect society from cyber attacks. In spring 2021, the Netherlands’ National Growth Fund committed more than 600 million euros to strengthen the Dutch quantum sector.


We’re keen to meet academic parties and market participants who want to be at the forefront of quantum technology and its promising applications. Interested? Let us know and get in touch with Rolph Segers.

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