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PillarWave: ultrasound patch on skin replaces hospital visit

An echogram, to visualise in detail the condition of an organ such as the heart or the blood circulation, is a procedure usually performed by an expert sonographer in a hospital or diagnostic centre. TNO has developed a technology in which a flexible patch on the skin uses ultrasound to take images of the organ to be examined over an extended period of time. This means the patient can be monitored at home, eliminating the need to go to hospital for many examinations.

Super-sharp image

The technology, called PillarWaveTM, has now been patented and we’re in talks with medical device manufacturers to commercialise it. Specific structures that emit and receive sound waves are printed on very thin plastic film. Because it’s possible to print a great number of these structures over a large area, we can obtain a super-sharp image of the organ to be examined.

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Check out the webpage for more information about PillarWave

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TNO develops ultrasound patch for organ monitoring

5 April 2024
TNO has developed a technology that allows organs to be monitored via a flexible patch on the skin. Using sound waves, it creates images of an organ over a longer period of time.

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