Technology Transfer

TNO's Tech Transfer Programme was established in 2017.
The aim is to bring more innovations to the market faster and thereby increase the focus on effectively translating applied research into practical applications in society.

On average, 20 teams participate in the two-phase programme to validate the technology and the market. The Technology Transfer Programme focuses on the pre-seed phase in which internal technology is prepared for the creation of a new company, or a licence agreement with an existing company. The pre-seed phase includes preparatory activities such as conducting market research, drawing up a business plan and making agreements between the future spin-off, TNO and other stakeholders. The Technology Transfer Office guides these spin-offs to ensure a successful market introduction.

For more information and to view the Tech Transfer cases that are in our portfolio for which we are seeking investors and/or entrepreneurs, please visit our Tech Transfer website where you will find an extensive overview of the current propositions and the successfully completed spin-offs.

If you would like to stay informed about new Tech Transfer cases, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which will be published 4 times a year from the autumn of 2018.

More information

On the special Tech Transfer website

Tech Transfer
Collaboration with TNO

Dr Hans Boumans

  • Director Technology Transfer


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