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Knowledge transfer

TNO has a knowledge transfer programme specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (companies and sectors) that allows entrepreneurs to find out about the very latest technology trends, either individually or as a group of companies at the same time.

Examples of projects can be found in the menu on the left of the screen under ‘Samen innoveren rendeert’ publication.

Technology Cluster

Within the SME programme TNO knowledge is transferred to an SME collective in a variety of ways. A Technology Cluster is a project in which existing TNO knowledge is transferred to a group of at least five SMEs. As a result of a Technology Cluster, it becomes clear whether the technology is suitable to be used and which steps are to be taken by the entrepreneur.

Branch Innovation Agenda

When significant developments arise within an entire sector, TNO and the respective industry association investigate the future technology needs of companies within that sector. The knowledge is then disseminated via workshops and lectures among the members, which brings innovation a step closer for both the sector and its members.

Technology Update

What kinds of innovations are occurring in my field? What are the latest technological trends? Who are the sparring partners among my fellow entrepreneurs? TNO Technology Updates provides answers to questions like these.

Sale of patents and licences

TNO research generates many findings for new products and production processes. To strengthen the power of industry to innovate, most of these findings, largely patent protected, are available for parties in the market. This may range from a non-exclusive to an exclusive user right in the form of a licence or the sale of fully transferable rights as well as, prior to this, provisional options for a fee.

Examples of projects can be found in the menu on the left of the screen under Projects and under ‘Samen innoveren rendeert’ publication.

TNO and SME's

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