European cooperation to strengthen the Netherlands

European cooperation strengthens the Dutch economy and our ability to innovate. New insights and technological solutions can be used to tackle international societal challenges that are important for The Netherlands. It is TNO's role to bridge between the Dutch and European knowledge infrastructures and for tapping into the wealth of knowledge across Europe. Together with our industry and policy partners in The Netherlands, we use this knowledge to make the Dutch society healthier and safer, and to make the economy more sustainable and competitive.

How do we strengthen cooperation in Europe?

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Innovation is intensive collaboration, also in a European context. Within the EU research programmes, TNO works on cross-border projects with partners from different European countries. This cooperation is strengthened by the lively internal European market and the competitive funding provided by the European Union. By actively participating in European research, TNO contributes to maintaining a world-class knowledge base for the Dutch economy and society.

Strengthen competitiveness with Horizon 2020

TNO is a key participant in the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020". TNO is particularly active in the programme components that focus on strengthening the competitiveness of European business and tackling societal challenges. By working together with European partners, we gain access to their knowledge, we multiply the Dutch government's contribution to TNO with European money and we develop our networks in Europe. This active role ensures that TNO is well positioned in the European market. In addition to the Framework Program, TNO is also active in European programmes for space and defense cooperation. TNO is also a regular partner in projects that are subsidized by the regional funds of the European Union.

Public-private partnership in the EU

TNO is a pioneer of public-private partnerships. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in European context. A good example is our participation in the joint undertaking Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL). This research programme, funded through a public-private partnership, focuses on innovation in microelectronics. Together with Dutch high-tech companies and universities, TNO is a leading participant in shaping and executing the programme. This European collaboration, in which we also collaborate with our Dutch partners, contributes to the competitiveness of the microelectronics sector in the Netherlands. Other examples are TNO’S involvement in public-private partnerships in the fields of (big) data, making the chemical industry more sustainable, the energy transition and cyber security. TNO is also a collaborative partner in a number of Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT).

TNO in Brussels

Brussels is a hub of European sector associations, lobby and networks. TNO has set up various contact points in order to be clearly visible in Brussels and to make Brussels easily accessible for TNO’s experts. As a member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations (EARTO) and Neth-ER (Netherlands House of Education and Research), TNO is actively engaging with national and European partners and policy makers. TNO’s EU Office in Brussels is the first point of contact for MEPs or other European policy makers and offers support to TNO, for example by organizing work visits to Brussels and the co-organizing events that accelerate the sharing of knowledge or market progress of our research in Europe.

Location Brussels

22 Rue d'Arlon
B-1050 Brussels

Collaboration with TNO


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