TNO in Europe

Innovation is collaboration, not least at European level. In the context of European programs, TNO develops knowledge together with its European partners. We then bring this knowledge back to the Netherlands. This way, we bridge the gap between the European knowledge infrastructure and its Dutch equivalent.

As an applied knowledge organisation, TNO is very active in the European knowledge field and in the associated programs. Together with the Dutch business community, we are actively participating in the Horizon 2020 Framework Program for European research. The program’s objective is closely related to our own mission: to contribute to excellence in research, to boost the competitiveness of the business community and to address societal challenges. TNO is active in the Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership pillars. We are also participating in various European tenders, studies in support of European policies at European institutions and agencies.

Knowledge and Innovation Communities

TNO is a partner in the various Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). These KICs encourage and facilitate cooperation between universities, research institutes and the business community. TNO participates in: Climate KIC, EIT Digital, KIC InnoEnergy, Raw materials, Innovation for healthy living and active ageing. TNO also participates in the preparation of new KICs: Food4Future (2016), Added Value Manufacturing (2016) and Urban Mobility (2018).

Contractual Public Private Partnerships

TNO is also active within the European Contractual PPPs (cPPP), in particular: Factories of the Future, Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB), 5G Internet, Big Data, SPIRE Sustainable Process Industry and Resource Efficiency, Photonics, Robotics (in preparation, cPPP is focused on Cyber Security). TNO is active in various contexts, including the following: Joint Technology Initiatives, KETs High Level Expert Group, European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), European Technology Platforms, Joint Programming Initiatives.

TNO’s points of contact

We have established points of contact both in the Netherlands and in Brussels, to provide support. TNO is a member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) and of Neth-ER (Netherlands House of Education and Research). In Brussels, TNO’s EU Office is housed at Neth-ER. Karlijn Jans is an EU policy advisor and coordinator who operates from TNO’s base in Brussels.

In addition, we have six contacts at TNO in the Netherlands who focus specifically on our relationships and projects in Europe.

Please contact Christine Balch if you have any specific questions about TNO’s EU Office, or about TNO’s general policy.

Location Brussels

22 Rue d'Arlon
B-1050 Brussels


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