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How can we promote Europe's competitiveness, sustainable development and leadership in the digital world? Which technologies make the Green Deal, an economic growth that takes into account the living environment and sustainable development, a success? The RTO Innovation Summit connects governments and industry in the Netherlands with the European knowledge infrastructure, and provides answers to these questions.


Join us at The 2nd RTO Innovation Summit 'Industrial technologies for the future', 18-19 November 2020. Location: Online!

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Future with a strong industrial base

The future of Europe depends on its ability to maintain a strong industrial base and develop innovations that improve the lives of Dutch and European citizens. But how do we shape this ability? During The RTO Innovation Summit, we deep-dive with industry partners and policy decisionmakers from all Member States into the world of the very latest technologies, that serve society and help to achieve our sustainable development goals.

Connecting the Netherlands to the European knowledge infrastructure

The RTO Innovation Summit is an initiative of ten leading RTOs from ten European countries, including TNO. During the Summit, our experts will meet with academics, industry and policymakers from national and European institutions to exchange knowledge on topics that are important for Europe's innovative capacity. The RTOs each play a central role in their national knowledge infrastructure. By working together, we are also taking up that role in the pan-European knowledge infrastructure. With the Summit, TNO is thus building a bridge that connects the Netherlands with the European knowledge infrastructure.

The 2nd RTO Innovation Summit November 18-19, 2020

In 2018, the first edition of The RTO Innovation Summit took place in Brussels with more than 300 participants and visitors. Because of this success and the importance of innovative power to Europe, the Summit is now a biennial event. The 2nd RTO Innovation Summit "Industrial Technologies for the Future" will take place on November 18-19, 2020. In connection with the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe, this edition will be a hybrid event with approximately 1000 online participants expected. The Summit consists of three parallel sessions "The European Green Deal", "A Europe Fit for the Digital Age" and "Industrial Competitiveness", helping to shape roadmaps and research agendas in Europe, as well as European policies what those agendas should facilitate.

The Summit offers space to show the impact of the work of the RTOs. In the accompanying two-day online exhibition, you will have the opportunity to see and experience the result of applied research and innovation. The long-term, close relationship between RTOs and industry ensures the value, feasibility and economic viability of our solutions operating under real-world conditions.

In addition, the Summit is a platform for consultation and discussion between the CEOs of the RTOs, CEOs from the business world and high-ranking European policymakers on strategic issues within European innovation policy.

The group of ten European RTOs behind The RTO Innovation Summit

The ten organizing RTOs represent more than 50,000 researchers across Europe who work closely with large companies and SMEs to develop solutions for the benefit of the European economy and society. Over the years we have been involved in thousands of projects within the European Framework Programs for Research and Innovation. As experts in co-creation and industrial innovation. Applied research and innovation are our business and the key to success for European industry. The many challenges such as climate change, increasing competition in the global market, digital transformation and demographic change require unity and pan-European solutions. By joining forces, we help to shape the future of Europe by creating the necessary mass and focus for Europe's key technologies and innovations.

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