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Picture this: autonomous vehicles that only make secure connections to their environment; always receiving the best treatment in hospital while your privacy is guaranteed; carefree online business in which competition-sensitive data is secure even though the quantum computer will soon be breaking down internet encryption as we know it today. This is why TNO is working on smart security.

The complexity is growing

Technology is developing at lightning speed. More and more devices and applications are connected to the internet, the internet of things. Today, we have more digital data, more services and more apps than ever before. Everyone and everything is connected: consumers, businesses and public authorities. With this growing interconnectedness and complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an overview. The need for secure, reliable and – above all – clear cybersecurity solutions is mounting. This is because what is safe today will most likely not be safe tomorrow. At TNO, we’re therefore working hard on tomorrow’s smart security innovations.

The challenges for organisations

We regularly see in the media that cybersecurity is a prerequisite for keeping the Dutch economy up and running. Entire organisations are paralysed by ransomware attacks and large parts of our daily lives are disrupted by cyberattacks.
How do you ensure that an IT security policy remains clear and contributes to your organisation’s goals? How to keep up with a continuously evolving threat? How do you make sure that you build up a sufficient number of expert individuals, that people behave in a secure manner and that your organisation has the right knowledge and resources? The security of our information-based and networked society is never complete.

IT innovation helps organisations go further

For this reason, TNO continues to innovate in cybersecurity and is constantly entering into new collaborations in order to share our specialist knowledge. In this way, we contribute to the competitive strength of the Dutch business community and to innovations that make the Netherlands more secure while offering opportunities for the business community at home and abroad.

Innovative solutions for detecting cyberattacks

By analysing a multitude of data sources and looking for suspicious patterns and abnormal behaviour in these data, it is possible to protect digital systems against advanced cyber threats. This is the core of Security Monitoring and Detection. This can help (security) companies in the Netherlands to offer secure services and products.

Optimal care by guaranteeing the privacy of patient data

With Multi-Party Computation (MPC), you can share information securely as an organisation without revealing the underlying sensitive data yourself. This makes a shared analysis of patient data from different sources possible while still maintaining privacy. This is ideal for the care sector because it provides a more complete picture that allows for better treatment and a reduction in costs.

Cybersecurity for complex networks

By decentralising the design of an IT architecture and thus dividing the design into a number of clear sub-divisions (each with its own responsibilities), an overview can be created. This provides certainty regarding the security of each sub-part and therefore also of the whole. In this way, an organisation can get a better grip on possible attacks because they can already monitor them within a smaller sub-part. TNO has developed a number of innovative methodologies, including the Implied Trust Zones methodology, in order to gain certainty and an overview when it comes to very complex networks such as self-driving cars.

How do we protect our nation against cyberthreats?

In addition to the sea, land, air and space, cyberspace is the fifth working area of the armed forces. Attacks or disruptions must have as little impact as possible on our defence and security organisations. This is why it is essential for the Netherlands to keep its digital resilience (also known as cyber-resilience) at the highest level.

How you as an organisation can securely enter the quantum age

To be able to capitalise on all of the opportunities of the quantum age without experiencing the negative effects, it is crucial that information be secured against attacks from quantum computers. TNO can help companies to make their networks quantum-safe and to solve legacy problems.

Would you like to know more about what we do in the field of cybersecurity?

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