More connectivity with digital infrastructure

Fast open infrastructures

The Netherlands is among the world's leaders when it comes to our digital infrastructure. But there is still a lot of inefficiency. Various parties are creating their own closed networks and platforms for different applications. That is why we are working on technologies to connect existing networks and platforms and to make them flexible.

During the Corona pandemic, we already experienced the importance of digital infrastructure for online education and working from home. In future, the bar for digital infrastructure will be raised ever higher. In addition to more capacity and speed, more reliability, security, sovereignty, and sustainability will be needed. Standards and open systems contribute to freedom of choice for users, providers, and suppliers.

5G and Social XR

One example of what we are working on is the development of 5G, which will enable numerous new applications and services such as self-driving cars. With Social XR, we are bringing people together in a lifelike way, even if they are in different locations. Our work contributes to a digital infrastructure that can also support these kinds of applications efficiently and on a large scale.

More opportunities and sustainability

We believe it is important that users and providers are given more opportunities to actually use European digital infrastructure and services. For this purpose, we contribute to standardisation and open-source initiatives. We also want to ensure that our work contributes to the sustainability of digital infrastructure and its use.

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10 things you need to know about 6G


What is 6G? What is the difference between 5G and 6G? And when will 6G be in the Netherlands? The 10 most important questions are answered by TNO experts.

Dutch parties build test environment for Gaia-X cloud services

3 April 2023

The Dutch Gaia-X hub – TNO, BIT, Intermax, Info Support, SURF, and AMS-IX – are jointly building a national Gaia-X test environment. It will enable cloud service providers to investigate how to comply with Gaia-X’s European cloud standards, specifications, and rules.

Discover hybrid working 2.0: virtual meetings in the metaverse

26 January 2023

Positive experiences of remote working are leading us to insights for new innovations. Our latest innovation: work meetings in the metaverse.

TNO receives Research Grant from Meta for Social eXtended Reality (XR) study

7 December 2022

TNO received a Research Grant from Meta for a study of the effects of using Social XR (eXtended Reality) in the workplace.

Sustainable streaming: how can we save energy while watching?

5 December 2022

Energy use by ICT services such as streaming consumes quite a bit of energy. TNO is looking for ways to bring down the energy required for streamed content.