Building innovation

Many innovative ideas are constantly emerging in the construction industry. TNO helps companies (building and construction companies, suppliers, architects) to make these ideas tangible through knowledge sharing and advice. At the same time, we are committed to making the built environment more sustainable by creating safe, comfortable, healthy and energy-neutral buildings for both new and existing buildings.

Structural safety

The safety of buildings is a starting point. Unfortunately, safety is regularly compromised in various ways. TNO investigates damage in the event of a calamity, but also develops standards, design guidelines, monitoring systems and solutions for specific problems. An important theme is the seismic problem in Groningen, but TNO also works on foundation damage, standards for vibrations, risk-based fire safety and acts as an expert in emergencies.

Circularity and sustainable building materials

TNO has broad knowledge about the environmental impact and circularity of building materials. We are working to increase the circularity of specific building materials, including concrete, plaster and wood. Examples of specific innovations include the development of cold-baked bricks, switchable coatings and the reuse of wooden doors.

In the field of materials research, we pay specific attention to monuments and, in particular, to the degradation and repair of natural stone and masonry.

Computerisation and industrialisation

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is key to the transition from a document to a data driven industry. TNO has a long and rich history in the field of Building Information Modelling. Our tools, data standards and usage expertise have been the basis for many sustainable improvements in the industry.

Healthcare buildings

Choices made when designing and furnishing a building in which care has to be provided have major and long-lasting consequences. Consequences that are expressed in terms of safety, funding, patient and employee satisfaction and the ability to provide care as efficiently as possible. TNO can help you with these choices. Read more about this on the healthcare buildings pages.


License agreement on innovative cool bricks in Malawi

05 July 2019
TNO and Terrastone ltd – a major construction firm in Malawi – signed a license agreement to kick off the production of cold ceramic bricks. TNO developed these strong, red ‘cool bricks’, which can be... Read more

TNO wins Special Distinction 2018 buildingSMART Award

05 November 2018
Judges hand-pick TNO’s INTERLINK project to win the Special Distinction 2018 buildingSMART Award for its innovative approach of linking BIM to other standards. Read more

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