Innovation in building & construction through knowledge sharing and advice

Innovative ideas are constantly being generated in the building & construction industry. By developing knowledge and providing advice, TNO helps building & construction companies, suppliers and architects to turn these ideas into tangible building innovations.

Structural safety

Unfortunately, the structural safety of buildings is often compromised. TNO carries out damage investigation in the event of calamities and also develops standards, design rules, monitoring systems and solutions for problems. An important theme is the earthquake problem in Groningen.

TNO is also working on:

  • foundation damage
  • vibration standards
  • risk-based fire safety
  • and acts as an expert in the event of calamities.


TNO has extensive knowledge of the environmental effects of building materials. We are working on increasing the circularity of building materials with a focus on making concrete more sustainable as well as developing circular innovations for brick, gypsum and wood. Examples of such innovations are the development of cold-baked bricks and the reuse of wooden doors.

In materials research, TNO pays specific attention to monuments. Particularly for degradation and repair of natural stone as well as mortar and masonry.


The Building Information Model (BIM) is an intelligent platform that provides insight for the faster, more economical and more sustainable creation and management of building projects. All data during the design, building, management and maintenance phases are recorded in digital models, with all construction partners cooperating. TNO supports the building & construction industry with further digitisation and industrialisation by developing a new generation of BIM technology.


Choices in the design and furnishing of a healthcare building have long-term consequences. Consequences that manifest themselves in the areas of safety, finance, patient and employee satisfaction and for the provision of efficient care. TNO helps with choices in the design and safe furnishing of healthcare buildings.


First test in Malawi with innovative ceramic bricks to combat deforestation

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License agreement on innovative cool bricks in Malawi

05 July 2019
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