Public safety

Incidents with production, transport or storage of dangerous substances (i.e. toxic, flammable or explosive substances) may affect public safety, in particular in densely populated urban areas. Risks associated with such substances are the core business of the External Safety group within TNO. We support and advise national and international companies, national and regional regulators as well as emergency services on issues related to the hazards and risks of dangerous goods. We perform (quantitative) risk assessments (QRAs), safety studies of industrial installations, self rescue and evacuation studies as well as accident investigations.

Furthermore the group develops its own methods and tools to perform these studies and conducts research aimed at incorporating new developments into these methods. The latter includes using new calculation methods (like Finite Elements Methods, Computation Fluid Dynamics), adapting techniques for use with upcoming fuels (like LNG, CNG or Hydrogen), using sensor data and integrating the tools with other methods dealing with issues relevant in urbanised areas, like mobility/accessibility, air quality or noise.

As safety assurance should not only be approached in a technical way, the team at TNO that deals with the safety culture and management of organisations (Safe working) is part and parcel of the “safety team” of TNO.

Our work

EFFECTS: Advanced, easy-to-use Consequence Analysis

A loss-of-containment scenario in the (petro)chemical industry can be devastating, for both property and human life. EFFECTS is easy-to-use, affordable software that helps safety professionals calculate... Read more
Our work

RISKCURVES: Comprehensive Quantitative Risk Analysis

The storage and transport of hazardous materials imposes risks to the surrounding population and structures, both in the urban environment and at (petro-) chemical facilities. RISKCURVES can quantify... Read more
Our work

The Coloured Books - Yellow, Green, Purple, Red

The "Coloured Books" are used around the world as valuable standard reference material in safety studies. TNO has made significant contributions to these studies and has used them as a basis for their... Read more

Advanced models

TNO provides access to the latest developments in the field of knowledge relating to safety calculations. This knowledge can help companies and public authorities - in particular the Safety Regions – to extend and improve existing analysis methods and calculations, making it possible to take appropriate measures in the event of a disaster.

Our work

SeReMo: decision-support for self-rescue during accidents with hazardous substances

Self Rescue Model (SeReMo) is a software package developed by TNO to identify the best protective actions for individuals affected by accidents involving hazardous substances. People can use SeReMo to... Read more
Our work

Industrial safety

Industrial activities will never be entirely risk-free. Hence, it is essential that decision-makers detail the risks as thoroughly as possible and take suitable risk-mitigation measures. TNO has the experience... Read more
Our work

Incident and accident investigation

Considerable damage can be caused to people, the environment and the infrastructure in an accident. TNO is frequently called in as a competent and independent party to investigate the possible causes... Read more
Our work

Chemical Safety Investigation

How to monitor and ensure safety of your employees? How to investigate health complaints of employees or citizins they relate to your company? Monitoring and assessment of health effects upon chemical... Read more

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Dr. Johan Reinders


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