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Chemical Safety Investigation

How to monitor and ensure safety of your employees? How to investigate health complaints of employees or citizins they relate to your company? Monitoring and assessment of health effects upon chemical exposure can be challenging. TNO has extensive expertise and lab facilities enabling efficient assistance from chemical monitoring to assessment of exposure and health effects providing accurate risk management advice to your company.
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Challenging environment

The distance between industrial sites and people's living environment is decreasing as a consequence of the growing global population and increasing urbanization with currently 50% of the world population living in cities. Recent industrial accidents like in Moerdijk-The Netherlands and Tjanjin-China show us their high impact on the employees' health and the population living in the direct vicinity and the environment. As a consequence attention to exposure to industrial chemicals is increasing. Industrial innovation often implies working with new substances and new processes. This may lead to questions regarding exposure of your employees' to harmful substances. Hence, ensuring a healthy and safe (working) environment for both employees and citizins herewith is of high importance. But how to deal with the unforeseen and how to anticipate in order to prevent or reduce health effects that may be related to your activities?

State-of-the-art expertise

Our chemical safety investigation team is at your company’s service to offer a rapid, pragmatic and customized solution for all health questions related to chemical compounds. These may be related to the effect of long-term exposure to low (background) concentrations but also to the best way to prepare for the “unforeseen” incident, in which a large area may be exposed to high concentrations for a short period. Having decades of experience in the area of chemical safety research we are an acknowledged, independent partner in monitoring, assessment and advice on health effects upon chemical exposure. Since TNO is in the forefront of innovations, you can be sure state-of-the art knowledge is applied.

Research phases chemical safety investigation

Illustrative projects

TNO, as independent organization, has performed numerous chemical safety investigation projects. Here are some illustrative examples of the projects we perform:

  • Chemical monitoring and health risk assessment of substances released during and after PUR floor insulation
  • Predict concentration levels of chemical substances and evaluate health risks for people involved following an emission accident
  • Use of innovative methods: elucidation of the respiratory cancer potency of nickel containing substances by using in vitro studies using human tissues, as a replacement for in vivo rat studies.
  • Advice on health protection measures to ensure health of worker

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