Effective abatement of carbon dioxide (CO2) is about more than just capture and storage. It's about finding ways to utilise this gas in new and innovative ways that support both the chemical industry and the environment. At TNO, our innovations focus on utilising CO2 to advance global ambitions for a cleaner environment and greener feedstock sources. Together with our partners, we are making CO2 a viable product in the marketplace.

The chemical industry is looking for sustainable alternatives to oil and gas in their production processes. At the same time, the energy industry requires effective storage of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, for which CO2 offers viable options. TNO is working to give CO2 a tangible value in the market, to stimulate innovation and turn CO2, previously a harmful waste product, into a beneficial new resource. TNO brings together the leading players in the market - from the energy companies that can supply large volumes of CO2 to the chemical companies who process it - to develop the latest innovations that will drive technology implementation and create a cleaner, greener world. TNO's status as a leading, independent knowledge centre makes us uniquely qualified to bridge the two sides of the industry with academia and create effective working relationships that get results.

Two-fold objective and approach

TNO has an impact on CO2 Utilisation in two ways. First, our knowledge and expertise in CO2 capture is helping companies develop viable process designs that are more financially and environmentally sound. Second, TNO accelerates process intensification for the chemicals industry, developing new processes that are more efficient and cost-effective. For CO2 Utilisation, TNO is working on two levels:

  • Process Development: TNO collaborates across the EU with other industry and academic leaders to address reactor and process design. Together with our partners, we are creating industrially viable CO2 -based processes that will benefit companies across the EU.
  • Business Case Analysis: TNO has developed an assessment methodology for analysing CO2 utilisation processes. Companies can compare the new CO2 methods with their current solutions, and determine whether these are more viable from an environmental and financial perspective. Sensitivities to electricity and CO2 prices are also included.

Effective collaboration

For industry-leading chemicals companies, TNO helps develop new processes for making chemicals from CO2.These chemicals form the basis of new innovations in alternative feedstocks and renewable energy storage. By combining academia's newest research with our own knowledge and expertise, TNO creates a showcase for industrially viable CO2 processing and utilisation. As an independent organisation, we are uniquely qualified to assess options and develop industry solutions that work on all levels. Companies and knowledge centres that are interested in joining the collaboration are encouraged to get in touch with TNO. Whether by joining our Shared Research Programmes or by developing a business-to-business partnership, companies anywhere along the value chain, including SMEs, can partner with TNO to truly take innovation to market.


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