The armed forces have to operate effectively, efficiently and flexibly. This means ensuring the timely and appropriate procurement of new equipment, new operational concepts, well-supported exercises and missions, and optimal strike power. TNO supports the Dutch armed forces with innovative analysis and evaluation methods, models, and the latest simulation technologies.

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We collect, enrich, and model data from satellites and other sources to ensure that the military are fully prepared for missions. This involves the intensive use of virtual and augmented reality. Through the use of smart techniques to link simulations together, we create training exercises with added value. Our simulation exercises mimic actual locations, weather conditions, material and manpower, with a high degree of realism. Virtual and augmented reality make it possible to train for dangerous situations in ways that might otherwise have been impossible; they are also safe, and less expensive.


We work with the armed forces to carry out advance practical tests of new concepts in our Concept Development through Experimentation (CD&E) programme, which provides a creative environment in which to experiment with new security concepts, crisis management working methods, or equipment procurement strategies. CD&E allows military organizations and companies to get the most out of their investments.


In our Human Factors programme we study ways of helping people to overcome limitations, and of better attuning their work activities to their individual capacities. In the armed forces especially, people need to be ready and able to perform under extreme circumstances. We explore ways of making people sufficiently well motivated and resilient to handle more demanding psychological or physical tasks. This knowledge makes it possible to identify vulnerability to stress or burn-out at an early stage. We also teach people how to deal with stressful events, such as violence and trauma. Besides the armed forces, police and emergency services, other organizations and businesses are making increasing use of our expertise in this area.


We build simulation models and supply them with data on human behaviour and interaction with other systems. This additional data has proved to be particularly valuable for numerous simulation and analysis applications. We have developed advanced tools to enable realistic behaviour to be programmed and to facilitate integration with other systems. Our behaviour and system models can be integrated into existing architectures without difficulty.

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