You can learn from experimenting. Increase the chances of success by testing concepts in practice before implementation. This is possible with Concept Development through Experimentation (CD&E). Military organisations and businesses benefit greatly from this instructive and constructive way of experimenting.

An unknown security concept, a new crisis management method or procuring equipment: CD&E helps organisations become more innovative and effective. We provide a creative and hands-on environment, you provide the people. CD&E allows you to maximise the return on your business investment.

Benefits of CD&E

  • Creates support among stakeholders
  • Provides insight into the influence of people, resources and environment
  • Improves mutual communication and results
  • Tests concepts for feasibility before implementation
  • Achieves more effective organisational changes

CD&E method

We use Concept Maturity Levels (CML) to structure the process. With this tool, we create support among employees, test ideas in practice and give your people ownership of the concept.

CML structures the process

Your employees actively go through various phases of concept development and are challenged to develop plans – it is they who carry the change. Rather than following a standard route, the participants alternate phases of concept development with experiments. They work out the concepts in greater detail. In the experimental phase they test ideas in practice, which in turn sheds light on the influence of people, resources and environment. TNO processes feedback before implementation and excludes undesirable influences as much as possible.

Successful case for the Ministry of Defence

On behalf of the Ministry of Defence, TNO developed a virtual world in which people can experiment with weapon systems and new forms of communication. This saves the Ministry of Defence a lot of time and money. Read more about it here: TNO ACE: Advanced CD&E Environment.

Reasons to choose TNO

TNO has experience in coaching organisational changes in military organisations and in businesses. TNO is an international trendsetter in the domain of designing CD&E processes, including by introducing Concept Maturity Levels that better structure the CD&E process. TNO is unique in that it combines broad domain knowledge of the customer, modern simulation infrastructure and strong conceptual thinkers. That is why TNO can develop unrivalled concepts and let you experience them yourself.

Like to know more?

Would you like to know more about Concept Development through Experimentation? Or about the Concept Maturity Level tool? Do you have any questions about procuring equipment, using resources, logistical planning or command and control? Contact us to find out more.

Read more about TNO ACE – TNO ACE

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