Testing and analysing complex weapon systems at land, sea and air. TNO offers these possibilities with its proven simulation software, JROADS.

JROADS is highly suitable for concept development, real-time exercises and war games. The software also provides an excellent platform for experimenting with sensors, communications and other components of weapon systems. Take advantage of our simulation expertise in:

  • Air and missile defence
  • Surface warfare
  • System interoperability
  • Command & Control

Benefits of JROADS simulation software

  • Safe and extensive testing of weapon systems
  • Accurate simulation of the environment
  • Well-prepared for missions
  • Planned equipment can be purchased
  • Safe training that cannot be performed in real life
  • Cost-effective

How does JROADS work?

With JROADS, we can simulate – in minute detail – environments and terrains with unique characteristics. We model existing or new weapon systems at your request, for example, one or several radars, missiles and guns on a ship, or a pilot with programmed behaviour in an aircraft. We can even simulate extensive weapon systems like PATRIOT and AGBADS with JROADS. Links to software for 3D and replay are available. JROADS can also be used for distributed simulation. You can connect the software to other simulations through protocols like DIS and HLA.

Control: manual or automatic

With so-called human-in-the-loop experiments, a human operator controls JROADS manually. This is ideal for identifying or dealing with threats. It is a suitable method for concept development and for experimentation. You can test different configurations of weapon systems within one scenario, for example.
It is also possible to control JROADS automatically. It is useful for analysing tactical behaviour, such as the response of a terrorist or pilot when deploying weapons. It is also useful for automatically calculating the capabilities of a weapon system against specific threats. 

What does TNO use JROADS for?

  • Performing analyses when introducing a new radar system
  • Devising planning concepts for weapons deployment for the Dutch Royal Navy
  • Support for the introduction of the F35
  • Acquiring knowledge on missile defence

Reasons to choose TNO

TNO is an expert in simulation research and a frontrunner in developing simulation technology. Our goal is to continuously improve weapon systems simulation. In cooperation with industrial partners, we turn ideas into products. We have been using JROADS for almost 30 years, both for our own projects and those of the Dutch Ministry of Defence (and its partners). In addition, JROADS contributes indirectly to raising national and international security.

Like to know more?

If you would like to know more about weapon systems simulations and simulation software, or if you are looking for an expert who can provide strategic input, don't hesitate to contact us.



John de Bie

  • Operations & Human Factors