There is a growing need for new learning technologies like e-learning, blended learning, simulations and serious gaming and mobile learning. But how do we make full use of their potential? The answer could be to contact the TNO learning technology laboratory. In the LT Lab TNO has brought together decades of knowledge and expertise in training and education.

What does flexible and distributed learning with your Mobile Learning Unit do for me? What is the use of Just-in-Time Learning for dealing with a crisis? Is it possible to coach from a distance? How do I train personnel to operate systems that still have to be developed? These are typical questions our clients may have. The LT Lab will provide an answer. In our view the introduction of new learning technology also means an innovation in organisation, didactics and technology. That is why the multidisciplinary teams of the LT Lab will always approach client questions starting from these basic components. Without being bound to a sole supplier or system. Our independence guarantees our clients maximum flexibility in making the right choices in learning technology and hardware. The solutions offered by the LT Lab are always made to measure.

Highly versatile

The LT Lab demonstrates, tests and standardises learning technology in close cooperation with our clients. Our demonstrations include feasibility studies and pilots as well as demonstrators to visualise solutions. The LT Lab is also a TNO Centre of Expertise, acting as a test plot for new learning technology. We will test any learning technology - existing and new concepts and methods, software and hardware - in-house or at the workfloor. Still, the introduction of new learning technology remains complex. The LT Lab therefore helps clients to turn their organisational, didactic and technological arrangements into actual standards. In this process, the LT Lab relies on the wide TNO expertise in training and education, on our own unique learning technology facilities and, of course, on our extended government and business networks.