The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. Technological, geopolitical and economic developments are creating interdependencies and lead to increased interconnectivity. Hierarchical command and control no longer works in complex, dynamic and networked mission environments. Can NetForce Command be an alternative?

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New threats are continuously emerging and old threats are manifesting themselves in new and deceptive ways. The armed forces need to change if they are to continue to be of decisive importance in the future. They have to seek out their assigned and desired role and to adjust and adapt that role to the expectations of other actors to be effective in complex, dynamic mission environments.

NetForce Command: the study

Is there an alternative for hierarchical command and control in complex, dynamic and networked mission environments? With this question, the Land Warfare Centre of the Royal Netherlands Army and TNO embarked on a four year integral study about NetForce Command. The study resulted in a new and alternative way to adapt to future treats and to bring and restore security and stability.

Watch our series of explanimations for a quick scan of the results of the study and an introduction to NetForce Command.

Envisioning NetForce Command for a new era

We cannot face the new conflicts alone. We need to collaborate with non-military actors and rethink our command and control. Watch here how can we avoid the risk of being outpaced and outmaneuvered with NetForce Command.

Watch Envisioning NetForce Command

Collaboration in NetForce

Collaboration has always been a key component for mission success, and in NetForce Command, this is even more the case. In complex environments nodes (military and non-military capabilities) cannot always reach their objectives independently. Watch here how they can collaborate in NetForce and utilise capabilities they do not possess themselves to operate effectively in complex, networked environments.

Watch Collaboration in NetForce

Self-synchronisation in NetForce

In missions of tomorrow, nodes need to be as agile as possible and take full advantage of the available capabilities. Self-synchronisation is the most extreme form of NetForce Command and can bring the desired agility. Watch here what self-synchronisation looks like.

Watch Self-synchronisation in NetForce

Orchestration in Netforce

In some complex environments, nodes may not be able to self-synchronise. In those cases different manifestations of orchestration may arise to support the nodes to harmonise their efforts. Watch here what orchestration may look like in NetForce.

Watch Orchestration in NetForce

Leadership in NetForce

Most organisations are structured to exploit their own robust approaches. Watch here how leaders can act in a way that is both robust and agile. Doing the right things in the right way with Netforce.

Watch Leadership in NetForce

Information management in NetForce

As the amount and complexity of information increases in future missions the role of information management becomes more important, especially in NetForce. Watch here how information management may support the nodes in NetForce.

Watch Information Management in NetForce

Hybrid swarming

Swarming behaviour has been an effective form of attack for centuries. But in new mission environments the concept not only applies to the physical environment, but also to the information and human environments. Watch here the disruptive effects of ‘hybrid swarming’, like in data, algorithms, communication and the mind-sets of the local population.

Watch Hybrid swarming

Agile decision-making

Today’s complex mission environments require agile approaches, but most decisions are made by the top layers in a structured, schematic and step-by-step fashion. This schematic orientation is not effective in interorganizational networks such as NetForce, in which no plan survives first contact. An agile approach is not without a plan. They ermerge gradualy. Watch here how this works.

Watch Decision-making

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