Armed Forces rely on innovative weapon systems and effective modus of operandi to provide optimal protection of both military personnel and civilians against terrorist attacks, piracy and other threats. We are a leading institute in R&D in the field of protection, munitions and weapons.

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It is our aim to conduct ‘science and innovation at the frontline’ and to stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners in ensuring safety and security at the forefront of defence operations. We focus on technological and behavioral innovation, covering both the tangible and the intangible aspects of military missions. Our offering includes knowledge, technological and scientific innovation, assessment services and teams of resourceful, results-driven, independent researchers.

Military protection

Military personnel must be able to operate effectively, safely and securely in a wide variety of operational situations. A comprehensive protection model incorporates the elements of military protection, mission goals, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we need to look at providing physical protection, to minimize injuries, loss of life and material damage by identifying threats well ahead of time. The quality of life of injured soldiers involved in armed incidents, like IED-attacks, is of utmost importance. Military platforms like vehicles, ships or airframes should provide maximum survivability and protection.

Besides passive protection, the military should use weapon systems that are precise, effective and provide proportional damaging effects to the opponent, but provide minimum collateral damage. In addition, new weapon systems like hypersonic threats and high-energy lasers are expected on the battlefield in the next decade, which should be countered.

Maximum survivability and protection for security professionals and materials

In increasingly complex situations, the professionals at the front line, whose task it is to provide for our safety and security, need the best protection. They must wear optimal personal protective equipment and have access to the best military vehicles, vessels, airplanes and weapon systems, which are vital to their ability to survive and remain fully operational. TNO products cover the following areas: 

Emergence of new technologies: anticipating accidents, incidents and threats

A number of trends, including the growing instability in the world, competition over resources, and the rise of nationalist tendencies in many countries, have led to a growing need to invest in strong armed forces. New technologies fuel the emergence of new developments and potential threats, possibly leading to a new arms race. As such, Defence must be able to rely on innovative systems to adapt to new threats and anticipate to accidents and incidents and respond swiftly and decisively. Our products cover the following areas:

Unique, modern testing facilities in Europe

We have one of the most highly advanced weapons testing facilities in Europe. These include our fully renewed indoor ballistic facilities and large scale Vehicle Test Hall, the Weapon Effects Test Centre, High Energy Laser Laboratory, the BSL3 High Tox Laboratory and a large scale breeze tunnel. The combination of these facilities with our technological know-how allows us to offer innovative solutions for protection. With advanced diagnostic and analytic tools, most weapon systems and defence materials can be accurately tested in a controlled environment. With these facilities and expertise we are ready to support our clients for many more decades to come.

Partners and customers

We provide vital defence services to national partners, which include the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (Navy, Airforce, Army), Police, Marin, NLR and the defence industry. As an independent R&D organisation we also offer our expertise to international partners and customers such as foreign MoD’s, NATO, EDA, OPCW and the international defence industry. We assist our customers in the cost-effective and safe acquisition, maintenance and use of protection equipment, weapons systems and ammunition and are partners in the development of new and innovative protection systems and weapon systems.

DISCLAIMER: All our projects and R&D are subject to governmental Export Control