The protection against biological and chemical agents (BC-agents) requires expert knowledge and just the right tools. TNO has both. At TNO Defence, Security and Safety numerous specialists daily work on R&D, including BC-research. Our latest facility is the 12m³ Bioaerosol Test chamber that was installed at Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

After a period of testing, validation and optimisation, this chamber is now fully operational. In combination with our other facilities, the Bioaerosol Test chamber enables us to offer a complete and unique range of products and services connected with the protection against BC-agents.

Now covering the entire BC-chain

TNO Defence, Security and Safety at Rijswijk already operated a comprehensive C-agent test facility. Now we introduce the Bioaerosol Test chamber, the main purpose of which is to test and evaluate B-warfare agent detectors. The chamber will enable users to generate and maintain stable aerosol concentrations in a way that is both reproducible and fully controlled. Alternative uses include decontamination, deposition and agent fate. TNO is an independent research organisation. This means that end users (military and emergency services) and manufacturers of B-detection equipment may count on our objective and independent advice in all issues connected with B-agents.

The use of the Bioaerosol Test chamber offers important advantages over outdoor field tests: tests are guaranteed to be fully controlled, reproducible and cost-effective. The chamber has extended facilities for connecting all types of biodetectors, including those built into military vehicles. One additional feature specifically important for military users is our capability to measure diesel soot interference. Client questions include:

  • Objective and independent testing and evaluation of existing or new B-detectors (e.g. detection limit, false alarm rate, etc.).
  • Support in design and development of new B-detectors.
  • Training of operators and researchers.

Better than outdoor tests

The introduction of the Bioaerosol Test chamber has positioned TNO at the forefront of BC-agent research in Europe. Our BC-agent research and testing cover the entire chain, from detection equipment to e.g. identification technologies, protective gear, medical countermeasures, and facilities to handle pathogenic agents up to and including level 3.