Firepower: Weapon Systems & Munitions

There will always be a need for weapons. To maintain legal order or to deter agressors, for instance, and - in the case of the Netherlands Armed Forces - to fulfil the expeditionary role in a credible way. Using the right level of force, and in the future perhaps increasingly resorting to less lethal weapons.

For many decades TNO has been a partner of Defence and the defence industry in the field of munition characterisation, lethality and weapon system effectiveness. The value-added of our knowledge not only resides in our experience, but also in our integral approach to the characterisation-lethality-effectiveness chain. An approach that is firmly based on theoretical studies, live experiments and advanced Modelling & Simulation. If we want to know how to make better use of the Defence weapon systems, or support the procurement of new systems, we have to know exactly what the possibilities of these systems are. In this respect TNO aims at three subareas: the lethal characteristics of munition, the degree to which a platform is neutralised after the impact of munition, and the determination of weapon system performance.

Optimal combat performance

Munition characterisation deals with practical attributes: what is the precise area in which munition is effective? How deep does it penetrate its target? The determination of lethality is actually a derived question. In this case TNO investigates just how effective a weapon system is, given its effect on a target. All test and measurement data are stored by TNO in databases, which may also be used for Education & Training for instance. At the same time, however, these data also yield valuable quality-based information. Information on the optimal way to use weapon systems (advice on use) or information that may be used to develop improved lethality concepts for existing weapon and munition systems.

Areas where our expertise and capabilities can be used

  • Munition Performance
  • Lethality & Vulnerability assessments
  • Design, Development, Qualification
  • Effectiveness Analysis Weapons & Munitions
  • Optimalisation Weapons & Munitions
  • Technology Innovations
Protection, Munitions & Weapons