Missile systems and other guided ammunition systems are used for several specific tasks: ground based air defense, aerial interception of enemy planes, precision ground attacks, etc. To maximise the defence it is of utmost importance to have sufficient knowledge on both the performance of the enemy threats and the performance of the missile systems and guided ammunition systems which are available for defence.

TNO can support MoD's to upgrade their defence system against enemy threats in different scenarios. This can be done on a theatre level, system level or component level. Our expertise includes operational performance, threat analysis, lethality analysis, systems engineering, sensor systems, IR signatures, countermeasures, navigation, guidance, propulsion and aerodynamics. The expertise is complemented by dedicated simulation software and unique test facilities.

Innovative technologies

We have experience with several missile systems, like ESSM, Standard Missile II and Stinger. For several systems we have developed performance models for operational analysis. We have supported life firing tests with the Royal Netherlands Navy and performed feasibility studies for NATO. Together with the industry TNO develops several innovative technologies, such as RAMJET propulsion.