Materials for protection concepts

In the last decades the development of armour materials is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Materials like armour steel, aluminium alloys, strong fibers and ceramics are traditionally used in military platforms and personal protective equipment and today game changing innovations are hardly introduced.

The challenge is to further reduce the weight of protective materials, components and resulting products, reduce (production) costs and increase their protective performance. At TNO we achieve this with state-of-the-art R&D on protective materials and protection concepts. We have qualitative and quantitative knowledge on the high-dynamic behaviour of materials under impact (e.g. blast, fragments, projectiles). With in-house built theoretical knowledge, engineering models, numerical simulations and unique experimental facilities with high-tech diagnostics we can support industries and MoDs.

We support the Netherlands MoD in defining NATO standards for protective performance and help them in defining realistic functional and technical requirements for military protective platforms. Within our Laboratory for Ballistic Research we can perform qualification tests for industries according to all major standards such as STANAG, MIL, VPAM, CEN and NIJ. This knowledge has resulted in innovative protective solutions including, for instance, transparent armour and advanced ceramics for personal protective equipment.


Protection, Munitions & Weapons

Philip van Dongen BSc


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