With over 50 years of experience, TNO provides both experimental and theoretical shock expertise for a world-wide customer base. The TNO shock facilities have been developed to simulate the effect of a shock wave generated from a non-contact underwater explosion, performing tests for shipbuilders and their suppliers.

Specialised testing

TNO has three specialized shock testing machines: vertical light-weight and vertical medium-weight machines (shown to the left), and a heavy-weight horizontal machine. Each shock machine can be tuned to our customer's individual requirement. A guideline of the maximum capabilities of each machine can be seen in the pdf document available below. The TNO shock machines are extremely versatile and can be used for qualification (see below) or research, for example, shock mount characterisation projects.


We always aim to accommodate our client's specific requirements, which can be given in terms of acceleration and pulse duration and/or shock response spectra (SRS) parameters. Our shock tables satisfy the standard NSS1, NSS2, (A)B, C and D shock zones from BR3021, BR8470 and MAP 01-470; and we can also achieve the BV0430 shock levels. Tests are validated through measurements in the time domain or, in the frequency domain, against the SRS criteria given in NATO STANAG 4141 and 4549. In the situation where the payload exceeds the capacity of our machines, the pulse duration required is shorter or longer, or the required acceleration differs from the standards stated above, we provide specific solutions.


State-of-the-art instrumentation is used to measure the applied shocks. Through the use of in-house software, we provide results in terms of acceleration, velocity and displacement time traces. Moreover, according to the NATO STANAG requirements, we can also validate tests through the use of SRS conditions. Furthermore, additional measurements, such as, contact bounce and material strain can be monitored during the shock event; high speed video is also a standard procedure.


Our extensive client list has included: ABB SACE; Applus; Atlas Copco; Babcock; BAE Systems Maritime; Bionet; Blohm and Voss; Blucher; Bradford Engineering; Calzoni; Consilium; DCNS; DMO; EID; EBRO; ELWA; Fapmo; Gotze; Hale Hamilton; Heinman and Hopman; Holland Hydraulics; Imtech; Johnson Controls; Luerssen Werft; MacTaggart Scott; Navantia; NFM; Parker Hannifin; Pellegrini; Renault; Rolls Royce; SAAB; Sander Navy; Santon; SAM Electronics; Sauer and Sohn; Savronik; Schunemann; SNORI; Thales; ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems; Trasfor; Vosper; Wartsila; Wellman and Whippendell Marine.