The Laboratory for Ballistics Research facilitates world wide onsite data acquisition for blast effects. A team exclusively hired for this capability has experience in setting up and recording highly dynamic events under a wide range of conditions, whether it's outdoor, indoor or offshore.

5000 kg TNT NEQ detonated to investigate blast effects on military compounds

Blast Conditions

Different pressure sensors with heat- shock- and vibration-resistance allow blast measurement under severe conditions, even from within an explosion fireball. Tests can be carried out with more than 1000 kg TNT NEQ and also with gas and dust explosions.

Structural Response

Displacement, acceleration and deflection can be measured on infrastructures, stationary – mobile objects and watercrafts.

Hybrid III Dummies

TNO's Anthropomorphic Test Devices (human surrogates/ dummies) can measure force, moments and acceleration of blast effects by the microsecond with the use of transducers located on a hybrid III crash dummy. This dummy can be placed either in vehicles, in construction or with bomb suits.

High Speed Video

A large range of high and low speed cameras can be set to record the physical effects accurately with a frame rate of up to a million frames per second (using Shimadzu or IMACON cameras).

Our work

Services Ballistics Research

The customers of the ballistics research laboratory consist of both defence ministries, the international defence industry as well as the civilian industry. Read more