Excavation companies produce about 90 million tonnes of sand, 5 million tonnes of gravel and 4 million tonnes of clay every year from the Dutch subsurface. These materials can be used immediately, without further processing, or as raw materials in the building materials industry.

With the recent changes in the government's policy governing earth removal practices, greater emphasis is being placed on integrating surface mineral extraction into spatial planning, for example by linking a planning project with some other primary goal. Some of the likely kinds of projects for this are river widening, ecological development and residential developments along the water.


TNO can provide excavation companies with an initial impression of the subsurface and the possibilities for - or obstacles to - mineral extraction by doing a 'quickscan'. We have access to a borehole log archive with approx. 380,000 core samples, a 3D model covering the whole of the shallow subsurface of the Netherlands, and decades of experience with geological mapping. At later stages in the excavation project, we provide services for every step of the process, from soil analysis to creating a 3D yield model that can be used for the operating estimates.


Dr. Michiel van der Meulen