Our industry's CO2 emissions amount to 30% of the total CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. We are still almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels and raw materials in the Netherlands. TNO is developing different solutions within four routes ( or methods ) to reduce CO2 emissions to as much as zero by 2050.

Four routes

On the way to a sustainable and circular industry, TNO has developed four routes:

1. Electrification production processes;
the fossil fuels in industry will soon have to be completely replaced by sustainably generated electricity. Electrification of production processes is unavoidable to make industry CO2-neutral. 
2. Heat management sustainability; the industry can then kill two birds with one stone: contributing to the sustainability of heat management while saving energy and money.
3. Capture, reuse and storage of CO2; as long as energy-intensive sectors such as steel, refining and chemicals are still dependent on fossil fuels and raw materials, it is important to capture and reuse the CO2 that is released
4. Efficiency and circularity; making industrial processes efficient and circular, they require less energy and raw materials and release fewer emissions and waste products.

If you are interested in a broader explanation of these 4 routes, please read here.

To tackle this societal and economic challenge, TNO is working closely with government and industry. Our knowledge and research lead to practicable innovations that enable us to achieve our CO2 targets. Together with market parties, TNO is working on accelerating technological solutions to enable the transition to a CO2 neutral industry. These solutions will enable the process industry to make the energy transition cost effectively and, at the same time, create new (export) opportunities for the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. Innovations in processes and products must also ensure that the Netherlands becomes an attractive location for the new sustainable industry.

Would you also like to work together with TNO on reducing CO2 emissions? Contact Jaap Vente, a specialist in this field, to discuss the possibilities.

Soon: examples of newly developed innovations that have been or are being developed through projects and partnerships.

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