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3D-printing for CO2 capture productivity increase

To use of structered sorbents made with modern manufacturing technologies, like additive manufacturing or 3D-printing, can result in dramatically smaller installations and thus cheaper sorption based separation processes. TNO developes produces and tailored structures for hydrotalcites and amine functionalised silica.

Step-changes are required to accelerate the introduction of CCS technologies. The project 3D-CAPS targets a productivity increase of an order of magnitude in two sorbent-based technologies for CCS. This will lead to a substantial decrease in overall equipment size and costs. This will be achieved using the latest available techniques for materials production: additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D-printing. One bottleneck for traditional packed-bed solutions for sorbent-based CCS technologies is the trade-off between flow-rate through the reactor, pressure drop and kinetics of the adsorption process. The use of 3D-printing will allow bespoke material configuration solutions for sorbent-based CCS technologies not available with current production technologies that allow the maximum interplay between these three competing and complementary elements.

The project will develop two type of structured sorbents; Hydrotalcites for operation under pre-combustion conditions at elevated pressures and temperatures; and Amine Functionalised Silica-Supported sorbents for operation in post-combustion conditions at ambient pressurs and temperatures. Additionally, the project will measure material performance of both these materials under relevant conditions, and assess performance with techno-economics within two CCS sectors; Natural Gas Combined Cycles electricity production, and decarbonised H2 production for refinery application. 3D-CAPS will produce a blueprint of the technology for further implementation in pilot scale facilities.

The 3d-CAPS project aims at a 10-fold productivity increase

Dr Jaap Vente

  • Sustainable Process Technology


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