Healthy living: ‘Focussing on participation, not on the disease’

We are all living longer in the Netherlands. We need more care as a result. Prevention, high-quality care and cost control are the most important issues we will face in the coming years. ‘It is a challenging field, where a lot can still be achieved’, says Niek Snoeij, managing director of Healthy Living. ‘We need to take a different approach towards care, with the focus on participation and not on the disease.’

The increase in lifestyle-related diseases and chronic disorders means that a new approach to health and care is required – one in which prevention is better than cure. They key to prevention is innovation in good, healthy and safe foods and in working conditions. And when disease does ultimately strike, medication that is more effective and tailored to the individual (personalised medicine) will offer a more cost-effective approach.

Technological and social developments will allow people who are elderly or ill to remain living independently in their own familiar surroundings for longer. This will help to make the cost of care manageable. In addition to developing our own knowledge, we also bring together the knowledge and experience of other actors in the health domain. In aiming to create a healthy, vigorous and productive society, at Healthy Living we focus on three areas:

Dr. Niek Snoeij


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