Lifestyle diseases cause considerable suffering and are financially costly for society. Preventing or curing these diseases enables many people to lead a better life. And when these people can do their work normally, with no need of healthcare, or a reduced need, a great deal of money can be saved. TNO is keen to contribute to the development of innovations that enable patients to change their lifestyle in a permanent way, and in this way to help find a cure.

Lifestyle diseases are curable

Many studied have been done that indicate that lifestyle diseases can be reversed with a timely and radical change of lifestyle. In many cases it turns out that a lifestyle change leads directly to an improvement in the individual's situation. While the changes concern mainly eating patterns and physical activity, mental and cognitive aspects are also play a role. This involves certain challenges, namely making lasting changes to the individual's healthcare provision and the factors in their social and personal environment, thus ensuring that the necessary behavioural changes become permanent. All this, so that optimum support in sustaining the incipient improvement is provided. In this way, behavioural changes  are developed that are appropriate to an individual's profile and needs.

Investing in lifestyle diseases is fruitful

People with lifestyle diseases can be greatly inconvenienced by their disease. And it is an expensive business: for someone with type 2 diabetes the costs incurred exceed on average a total of 130,000 euros. Healthcare accounts for roughly half this sum. The other half is related to lost employment productivity. Together with partners, TNO is studying how with optimum lifestyle advice people can become more healthy. This reduces and prevents costs and, better still, liberates people from being patients. TNO has commissioned an analysis in which the savings incurred by curing type 2 diabetes are itemised. Get in touch with us so that we can share this analysis with you.

TNO starts a research and impact programme

Effective and sustainable lifestyle advice is no easy matter. TNO wishes to develop solutions and approaches that support people in changing their lifestyle in a lasting way. Various things are needed. For instance, new diagnostics so a person gets the right food and nutrition advice, as well as customised exercise, information and motivational programmes.

Let's achieve maximum return, together we can

Of course, TNO cannot do this alone. We invite you to join us in this initiative to call a halt to the advance of lifestyle diseases and to make the Netherlands the healthiest delta in Europe. This requires knowledge and expertise and, of course, money. But it will bring benefits. We really can improve the lives of very many citizens! In addition, an investment in this programme will repay itself in the short term by way of reduced societal costs, healthier employees and a stream of new products and services. In short, we can't imagine a better return!

So why not join us? Get in touch to hear more about this programme.


Drs. Wim van Hartingsveldt