3D printing is a production technology that will have a significant impact on Smart Industry. The use of this technology, also known as Additive Manufacturing, is not yet widespread in industry because it is often still too expensive. TNO is investigating the feasibility of 3D printing for industry (faster, cheaper, more flexible, good quality).

AMSYSTEMS CenterTNO and TU Eindhoven have years of experience of 3D printing and have now decided to cluster their strengths in the innovation centre AMSYSTEMS Center. This is a good example of knowledge sharing. The innovation centre is concerned with the development of entirely new value chains, based on the next generation of multi-material 3D-printing technologies. TNO and TU Eindhoven are integrating their innovation programmes in this field, sharing R&D facilities and jointly training experts. For more information, visit the website of AMSYSTEMS Center.

3D printing in your company?

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