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Process Safety Solutions

Within TNO, Process Safety Solutions is a multidisciplinary team of experts with state-of-the-art facilities and all necessary permits to assist companies in the chemical and food industry, governments and insurance companies. The PSS team is specialized in customized testing, process and incident analysis and product qualifications.

The quality and speed of our work will enable your company to increase production, improve efficiency, extend your operating windows, analyse and prevent incidents and enter into new markets without high R&D costs. The PSS team has over 40 years of expertise and a safe track record in working with energetic and toxic materials. Our facilities, including test setups, laboratories and facilities for (gas) explosions, are designed for energetic materials synthesis, analysis and handling. Our worldwide customer base of both SMEs and multinationals values our rapid response, multidisciplinary expertise, independence and our effort to go that extra mile.

Testing at extreme conditions

Showcase: long term cryogenic exposure

PSS can help you identify whether certain materials, equipment or processes can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure or explosions. Our facilities, permits and expertise allow us to handle these complex issues. We are able to execute tests in conditions ranging from -165 oC to 1000 oC, from 0 to 600 bar and from no hazard to high explosive. With this broad range of possibilities, we facilitate our customers, for instance, to explore new markets.

Extending operating windows

Many industries do not utilize the full potential of their chemical plant, because their processing windows are based on standard tests with wide safety margins. However, these tests do not always accurately reflect the actual situation. Because of our extensive knowledge of the design and execution of standard tests, we are able to adjust the tests so they will more accurately reflect the actual situation. With this knowledge, it is possible to intensify your process without compromising safety. This enables you to increase the process output.

Incident and process safety analysis

Showcase: Large scale rupture disc test

What are the safety risks of your process? We combine theoretical knowledge about the potential impact of explosions with our experimental facilities. This enables us to calculate beforehand how safe your process will be and validate the prediction by testing. We can also analyse accidents that have already taken place, such as explosions caused by fireworks or fertilizer. Our terrain has the facilities to mimic explosions.



New ways to old products

Showcase: continuous nitrations

Driven by fierce global competition, the chemical industry is searching for new processes with higher margins. However, R&D costs for new developments are high. The PSS team can assist you in looking for alternative approaches, for instance by exploring whether using certain materials will allow you to skip intermediate steps in your process. Processes that appear to be unsafe, might turn out to be safe after all, as well as more efficient and profitable. We also perform synthesis experiments in the laboratory for the development of new chemical products.

Product testing (Dangerous Goods)

Showcase: Ammonium nitrate test

PSS has contributed to the development of many standard tests and criteria in the field of hazardous material handling, transport and qualification (e.g. CLP). We have a thorough knowledge of these tests and their background and can execute them efficiently and effectively on short notice.

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