Blockchain: Developing innovative applications together

Blockchain technology enables the secure and efficient exchange of digital information. This gives blockchain the potential to transform the way we work, and is also referred to as the new digital revolution. TNO is making an important contribution to the development and application of blockchain.

Blockchain can have a major impact on sectors such as energy supply, financial services, logistics, agriculture and healthcare. Actually, in all sectors in which there is administration between chains. TNO is committed to partnering to bring knowledge and expertise on blockchain together and from there to work on the development of blockchain in various sectors. The aim is to help the Netherlands innovate in order to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses and the wellbeing of society in a sustainable way.

Self-sovereign identity

Blockchain creates trust in digital information transactions, even between parties who do not trust each other by nature. TNO is working on blockchain technology that enables consumers to have their own data at their disposal so that they can then provide the data in such a way that companies are 100% certain that the data is also correct. No reason any longer to have to make a check before issuing insurance or renting a car. By using self-sovereign identity we can design complex administrative processes so that you can arrange all your business online and in real time, with one click, completely privacy friendly. TNO is undertaking various projects on self-sovereign identity.

Tracking products

In addition to self-sovereign identity, the Blockchain roadmap focuses on provenance (the origin of products). Blockchain can provide transparency in all kinds of supply chains. For example, it gives consumers the opportunity to find out more about where their clothing or food comes from. For example, TNO is working on blockchain solutions in logistics chains and for food safety, and has even created an application for tracking cannabis in experiments by the Dutch government to legalise the cultivation of cannabis.

Techruption & BC3

TNO is leading the Techruption Blockchain programme - which is part of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen - and is working within this field lab with both small and large companies, startups and knowledge institutions on innovations and the practical application of blockchain technology. We help commercial participants not only with blockchain technology, but also with business and legal questions that need to be resolved before blockchain can be implemented in a business environment.

TNO is also a co-founder of the National Blockchain Coalition (BC3), which is exploring together with various parties identity management and the simplification of administrative processes, considering technology and the consequences for policy and legislation.


TNO is also working on interoperability between various blockchain solutions, and in particular on how we can organise the necessary cooperation efficiently and effectively in the future - when companies and governments are interwoven with various blockchains for all kinds of processes.

Blockchain is not something you can do alone

Blockchain is by definition a technology that lends itself to collaboration and cooperation. And the strength of TNO lies in connecting the parties. This, combined with substantive knowledge of blockchain and ICT, domain knowledge from several sectors and our independence, makes us unique.

Would you like to know more about what we do in the field of Blockchain or work with us within an innovative community? Join in! Read on below, check out our blockchain page or contact us.


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