The convergence between media, internet and telecoms has brought many new services, devices and distribution models. The availability of multiple routes for delivery of services to end users helps to remove a number of traditional bottlenecks.

At the same time, new bottlenecks can appear as the routes bring new technical and business dependencies between organisations in the value web. The dynamics in the value web are also affected by various types of regulation. This is one of the challenges that policy makers and regulators face when they aim to adapt regulation to technical and business developments. In this white paper, we introduce the DAMIAN method that TNO has developed for the systematic analysis of the converged value web, including the effects of regulation. This is done by identifying the roles that organisations have, their roles and activities, the markets in which they operate, the assets that they own and the assets that they need to obtain from other organisations.

The white paper is written by Pieter Nooren, Wietske Koers, Menno Bangma, Frank Berkers and Erik Boertjes.

Publication date: October 2014

White paper

Regulation in the media-internet-telecom value web


Dr. Pieter Nooren MSc

  • media
  • internet
  • web
  • telecom