Networks: Optimum networks for a smart society

Communication networks are indispensible and have become a basic requirement. They are essential to our society, almost all business sectors depend on them and virtually nobody wants to be without internet. TNO plays an important role in the development, standardisation and optimisation of network technologies and is involved in the development of 5G, the new generation of mobile networks.

Ever more is required of communication networks: more capacity, better reliability, greater availability, less delays and lower energy consumption. TNO specialises in addressing complex questions and is knowledgeable about the latest technological developments. “We combine deep and practical knowledge of fixed and mobile networks, new technology, software and mathematical models to get the most out of networks. We work for and with the business sector and government in the Netherlands and abroad on ICT infrastructures that are ready for the future and fast, reliable, secure and sustainable,” explains Marc van Dijk, business developer Networks.


We work on applications in sectors like telecommunications and mobility. We are involved in the international mobile communication standards via 3GPP such as 5G and in new landline network techniques such as as well as in the use of new forms of satellite communication. Moreover, we design methods and models to optimise quality, continuity and security. New concepts are developed to connect networks and systems in such a way that they can offer the necessary functionality, now and in the future. To achieve this, we carry out as many experimental projects in the field as possible.


5G is the latest generation of mobile communication and the successor of 4G. 5G can send much more data more quickly, has much less delay and is more reliable. As such, it makes possible a host of new applications. For example, more and more devices will be connected to each other via internet (the Internet of Things) and will offer remote control functionality. Within 5Groningen, together with entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and experts we are testing 5G applications in the fields of healthcare, energy, traffic & logistics, industry, agriculture and the habitable environment. We aim to find out how as a society we can make optimal use of the new possibilities.

Vital ICT infrastructures

ICT networks can also be used to increase traffic safety and solve traffic jam problems. Self-driving cars will become possible if, enabled in part by 5G, they can swap data quickly and reliably with one another and with traffic lights, road portals, the systems run by Rijkswaterstaat and, for example, car parks and recharging points.

Thanks to our independence and our unique combination of up-to-date knowledge, field experience and expertise in adjacent fields (energy, cyber security, privacy, etc), we can advise and assist parties when it comes to networks. Thus enabling operators, companies and government agencies to make the right choices when investing in future communication networks, a vital link in our society and economy.

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