The test carousel enables rolout by creating independent and comparable test results of equipment and by disseminating these results in discussions. In multiple vendor-operators sessions the different results are presented and discussed. This enables vendors to explain their product and strategy, and enables operator to assess what products can contribute to a successful rollout of in their network.

The carousel event consists of a series of sessions in which we create interaction between a vendor and one or more operators.
To facilitate this interaction the vendor presents their equipment and strategy and answers several pre-defined questions. TNO will present independent test results.
After the presentations we will have an in-depth discussion between all parties. Operators can get a clear vision on how the product can contribute to their strategy. Vendors gain more market insight with which they can improve their product.

Shared test cost

Within the carousel TNO tests several products in an efficient manner. Previously operators would need several tests of several products to assess what products are valid for their situation. The same holds for vendors, they would need to assist several operators in testing their products. Worst case this results in a number of tests equal to the number of operators multiplied by the number of vendors. The associated effort and cost is sky high. Within the test carousel TNO will test the products, the cost is shared by all participants. This greatly reduces the amount of tests and the associated total costs of testing in the DSL community. The test cost is covered by the participation fees that are minimal in comparison to the effort and cost nowadays.
To keep the test efficient TNO tests most of the items that need to be tested in any lab test. We do this in our award winning test facilities with a range of available test cables. In the test lab we have the possibility to add (shaped) noise that typically occurs on DSL lines.

Participants and benefits

The test carousel is for operators with a strategy on or interest in and for vendors of equipment.
Operators will be able to improve their strategy on rollout using the gained knowledge on possibilities and strategies. With this knowledge they can choose a valid product faster and can have better discussion with their chosen vendor. The carousel event also provides the relevant contacts to do so.
Vendors with equipment that is (almost) market ready will get the possibility to show their equipment with an independent assessment of the quality. They have the opportunity to enlarge their network effectively as all participating operators have a strategy on