In the context of the Call for the Creative Industries, TNO has conducted research into user interfaces that support people with mental disabilities in their media use. Based on knowledge about cognitive skills and human-computer interaction principles, this project, Kan Ik Nu Goed (KING), has developed a guideline for designing interfaces that offer this group access to large amounts of audiovisual material.

This project was developed in collaboration with SIZA and public broadcaster NTR. SIZA is an institution, based in the province Gelderland, that manages locations for people with physical and mental disabilities. SIZA aims for e-inclusion of its clients, which means that they encourage their clients to live and participate in the information society with the greatest possible independence. The NTR owns a large amount of audiovisual content that they want to make available for everyone in The Netherlands in a save and easy way.


Ir. Paul van den Haak

  • AI
  • big data
  • Computer Vision
  • National Safety
  • Sports & Media