At the end of each year, TNO and three of its key partners in cyber security jointly produce the European Cyber Security Perspectives report. Through this collection of articles, we aim to share our different perspectives and insights, the latest developments and our most recent achievements in the field of cyber security, cyber crime and cyber resilience.

The European Cyber Security Perspectives report is jointly compiled by KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Team High Tech Crime of the Dutch National Police and TNO. By uniting the expertise of four parties with diverse roles in the cyber security domain, we hope to offer some fresh perspectives on issues and developments that we believe to be relevant for society. Rather than presenting you with bare facts and figures, we describe the most relevant trends and developments and some real life cases and experiences from our professional practice.

We encourage you to build on our work and experiences and hope that this report will inspire further enhancements in cyber security and cyber resilience, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


European Cyber Security Perspectives 2019

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10 cyber security challenges and innovations

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