Work and youth health

We work on innovations that contribute to productive employees and learning organizations. And programmes that support children's health.

Work and health: safe and productive

The world of work is changing rapidly due to globalisation, an aging population, and technology. A high-quality labour force is essential if the Netherlands wants to remain competitive. How do we ensure that employees remain healthy, safe, and productive? We want to strengthen the adaptability of people and organisations, so that they’re better able to cope with the changing labour situation.

Our latest developments

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Demonstration of real-time crystalline silica sensor at construction site

13 July 2021
TNO is working on a sensor that operates in real time and at a high temporal resolution to determine the concentration of crystalline silica to which employees are exposed. TNO has tested the first prototype in partnership with construction company Mateboer Groep.

Smart sensors for a healthy and safe working environment

14 January 2021
TNO develops the Virtual Occupational Hygiene Assistant (VOHA) to measure and interpret real-time readings of exposures in the workplace through sensors.