Rijswijk research centre for geothermal energy can continue to make important contribution to energy transition

Geo-energy research
12 February 2021

With the recent signing of contracts to extend their commitment until 2024, the initiators of the 'Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-Energy' (RCSG) have once again underlined the importance of the centre.

Overzichtsfoto van een boorinstallatie, onderdeel van het innovatielab geothermie RCSG in Rijswijk.
Boorinstallatie boven de researchput van bijna 400 meter van het innovatielab geothermie RCSG.

Importance of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy can play a substantial role in the energy transition. As a source of sustainable heat, it can be used to heat houses and buildings sustainably. Geothermal heat is expected to be able to meet a quarter of the Netherlands' heat demand by 2050. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, Energie Beheer Nederland, the Province of South Holland, the Municipality of Rijswijk and TNO have established the RCSG to accelerate the development of geothermal heat.

From lab to practice

The RCSG was officially opened on 5 March 2020 and offers companies active in the field of geothermal energy the opportunity to make use of the advanced laboratory. The centre has 20 installations covering the entire spectrum of underground drilling. All the facilities are present to test and experiment with new drilling techniques and materials under high pressure and temperature conditions, comparable to those in the Dutch subsurface. In fact, almost all the conditions in the Dutch subsurface can be simulated.

Unique in the world

There are only a few such centres in the world. The RCSG offers companies access to modern facilities that they would otherwise not be able to use, or would have difficulty in using, due to the high investments involved in this type of research. The extension of the commitment will enable the centre to continue to grow, and to provide even better facilities for companies wishing to experiment with new drilling techniques and materials. The RCSG will enable companies and knowledge institutes to work closely together to develop new technology and take major steps in the transition to a sustainable energy system.

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