Vote on ENVISION for the European Sustainable Energy Awards!

24 August 2022

The ENVISION project, an H2020 project, coordinated by TNO, is one of three nominated projects for the prestigious European Sustainable Energy award from the European Commission. Of course we would like to win this award and you can help us to achieve this!

Energy-positive building that generates more energy and heat that it consumes

Various solutions have been developed in the framework of the ENVISION project to recover solar energy and heat from the entire surface of buildings; the walls, the roofs and even the windows. These solutions enable energy-positive buildings; buildings that produce more energy and/or heat than they consume. The general public can choose which project will be awarded as the winner during the ceremony on September 26, 2022 in Brussels, so the online voting booth is open! Will you vote for us and make us the winner?

ENVISION contributes to a sustainable future

There is 60 billion m2 of unused facade surfaces in the European Union. And an equally large amount of roof surface is available where the generation of solar energy can be further expanded. That offers opportunities. The ENVISION project focuses on a full renovation concept in which innovative solutions for recovering heat and electricity from solar radiation have been developed. The maximum is achieved in terms of yield, while preserving the aesthetics and function of the facade. Development within ENVISION took place in four phases:

  1. The development of aesthetic facade elements that absorb solar heat and PV solutions for installation in glass.
  2. The development of a flexible, modular facade concept with a click-on mounting system
  3. The integration and interaction between the heat and energy systems with existing networks and heat systems at both building and network level.
  4. A demonstration of full-scale ENVISION technologies in houses in Helmond and Eindhoven; office buildings in Enschede and Bischofshofen (Austria), linked to a heat network in Genova (Italy).

The practical demonstrations show how widely applicable ENVISION technologies are. From houses, to apartments to office buildings and in different climate scenarios. The innovations developed within ENVISION make the most of heat and energy, are cost competitive, easy to install and maintain and do not affect the design of a building.

Energiepositive buildings are within reach, thanks to the innovations and developments within the ENVISION project. Another step closer to a sustainable future with renewable energy!

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