TNO extends EUV-partnership with USHIO Inc.

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20 January 2023

TNO and Japanese light innovator USHIO Inc. are extending their current partnership. Over the last five years USHIO Inc. has been TNO's strategic supplier and partner for the high intensity EUV light source used in our EBL2. TNO's worldwide unique EBL2 EUV exposure and analysis facility enables in-situ measurement, including the entire process of handling, radiation, and evaluation of samples in a vacuum environment. USHIO Inc.'s high-intensity and high-output EUV light source allows exposure and evaluation of a large field while making a great contribution to shortening of the evaluation period.

Delft visit

During a visit of an USHIO Inc.-delegation at TNO in Delft on 12 and 13 December 2023, both parties reconfirmed their commitment to further improve and increase the reliability and predictability of the EBL2 facility for TNO-customers in the coming years. Next to the supply of the EUV source for the EBL2, new collaboration opportunities were explored both within and outside the EUV domain.

“Being a reliable partner for our customers is key to TNO. This visit was an important step for us to ensure we can continue to deliver our unique capabilities towards our customers. It builds significant confidence when observing the dedication of USHIO Inc. to maintain and improve our EUV source, and the importance of the partnership with TNO to enable their ambition in developing next-generation EUV sources.”

Rogier Verberk

Market Director at TNO High Tech Industry

“First of all, I’d like to thank TNO for warm welcome to our visit. It was a wonderful opportunity for both of us to deepen engagement between TNO and USHIO Inc. We will make effort to maintain and improve the EUV light source and hope it leads to expansion of the TNO and USHIO Inc. EUV market. Also, with the cooperation of TNO, USHIO Inc. continues to explore markets to promote the use of light as illumination and energy to support human well-being and societal growth.”

Yoshihiko Sato

Deputy General Manager at USHIO Inc.

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