TNO signs Declaration of Amsterdam for inclusive and diverse workplace

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15 June 2023

Today TNO signs the Declaration of Amsterdam. This is a declaration of intent by Workplace Pride, the international foundation for LGBTQIA+ inclusion at work. With this, TNO underlines the importance, both moral and practical, of an inclusive workplace and organisation. More inclusion also reduces dropout and turnover of innovative talent.


In the presence of the TNO Rainbow Community and Michiel Kolman, co-chair of Workplace Pride, TNO's CEO Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi signed the declaration. The signing took place at TNO's headquarters in The Hague. Prior to the signing, a discussion panel around Pride themes was held including Remke Verdegem, president of Transgender Network Netherlands.

Diversity & Inclusion at TNO

TNO has several Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) communities set up by colleagues themselves that give extra attention to female colleagues, culturally diverse and international colleagues, younger colleagues and TNO's LGBTQIA+ community. Furthermore, the newest employee group focuses on neurodiversity. Just under 5% of TNO employees say they belong to the LGBTQIA+ community. All employee groups are open to everyone. Altogether, more than 1,250 employees are members of the employee groups. Rainbow@TNO is the network for all TNO LGBTQIA+ employees and the colleagues who support them.

In addition, training courses are offered highlighting D&I issues. Upon request, the D&I Office organises training sessions for management and employees on dealing with unconscious bias. Furthermore, extra attention is paid to inclusive leadership and inclusive processes. The annual employee satisfaction survey also measures the extent to which TNO employees feel accepted, experience equal treatment and consider TNO a diverse organisation. In 2024, an external party, the Dutch Inclusivity Monitor, reassesses what progress TNO has made in terms of perceived inclusion and D&I policy. This progress will be made using TNO's D&I Strategy 2022-2025.

"TNO employs over 4,000 employees, all of whom should have the same opportunities to develop and grow. Regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation or nationality. All talent that wants to make a contribution is welcome at TNO. That is not only morally right, but also enhances our ability to make a positive impact on society."

Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi


"Workplace Pride congratulates TNO on the important step of signing the Declaration of Amsterdam. Just as TNO is innovative in the field of applied research, the Declaration is innovative by giving responsibilities for greater LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion to employers as well as employees. This joint effort, which ensures that the voice of the LGBTIQ+ community is included, is a great step forward in creating work places where everyone can be themselves.”

David Pollard

CEO Workplace Pride

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