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Symposium: NextGenHeat

We invite you to join our NextGenHeat symposium, a national symposium to address all heat-related challenges within the process industry. NextGenHeat is a consortium initiated by the Pro2Tech Institute of TU Delft, co-developed with the University of Utrecht and the University of Eindhoven, industrial partners, TNO, ISPT and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

09:00 - (CET)
Art Centre Delft

Our primary objective is to address the key challenges of establishing a sustainable process industry by supplying and integrating 'de-fossilised' heat while accounting for intermittent energy supply and operation by utilising efficient technologies, all in a scalable and economically feasible manner. As knowledge development, research, and innovation are essential for the process industry to maintain durable economic growth, we plan to submit the next “National Growth Fund” application.

CO2 neutral heat supply

In NextGenHeat program TNO develops CO2-neutral heat supply, efficient heat use and regeneration solutions for industry and help the industry to implement them to realize sustainable energy efficient heating / heat intensive processes. In order to achieve this, a balanced, market responsive portfolio of R&D programme lines will be defined in coordination with consortium partners.

TNO will bring its expertise on Industrial Heat and experience form various past and ongoing project into the program.

Want to meet our expert?

The symposium aims to synchronise our viewpoints and establish the primary program structure. With the valuable input of two keynote lectures delivered by international experts, we emphasise conducting specialised workshops to tackle various aspects such as the primary challenges, related inquiries, and crucial activities across all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).


Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

Mark Schmets.

Future Thermal Systems in Industry

International speaker invited.

Realistic Industrial criteria (end user’s perspective)

Kees Biesheuvel (DOW).

Panel discussion All Speakers

Chair: Andrea Ramirez Ramirez.


One-hour lunch break before workshops start.

TNO Workshops


  • System integration | Chair: Mar Pérez-Fortes
  • Direct heating | Chair: Peter Rop
  • Thermal Energy Storage | Chair: Herbert Zondag, Kamel Hooman

Plenary discussion

Open discussion including TNO experts Robert de Boer and Anshuman Pandey


  • Heat Integrated Design | Chair: Tony Kiss
  • High COP tech | Chairs: Rene Pecnik and Ekkes Brück
  • T.B.D | Chair: T.B.D

Plenary discussion

Open discussion inlcuding Rene Pecnik and John Nijenhuis.


The event ends with drinks.

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Making industry more sustainable

Industry generates high carbon emissions and can be made much more sustainable and efficient in its use of energy and raw materials.

Heat pumps for decarbonising the industry

29 October 2020
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Together with seven research institutes we have prepared a whitepaper outlining the current status and steps needed to realise the decarbonisation potential of heat pump technology.