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Webinar: The next generation of solar technologies

How to make solar energy smarter and greener? Join our webinar to delve into cutting-edge developments in photovoltaic (PV) technology, circular solar solutions, flexible modules, and tandem architecture.

14:00 - (CET)
Free of charge

The latest insights on solar technologies

The EU and the Netherlands are firmly committed to greater energy independence by increasing competitiveness in clean technologies. At TNO we research and develop new concepts that will be ready for industrial manufacturing in factories in the Netherlands and Europe in a few years. We have a huge knowledge base that we can use to make solar cell and panel (PV) production smarter and more sustainable.

Register now for the webinar and get the latest insights from our top experts about:

  • PV technology trends.
  • Towards designs for 'Recycling & Circularity'.
  • Flexible solar modules based on perovskites.
  • Tandem architectures to boost power conversion efficiency.

Programme webinar

PV technology trends

When developing technological innovations the emphasis is on energy yield, stability, cost, sustainability, and rapid upscaling from lab to commercial products.

Veronique Gevaerts, Programme manager Advanced Solar Technologies (TNO)


Towards designs for Recycling & Circularity

One should consider the entire life cycle of a PV panel to ensure it meets the full range of circularity requirements. This means research is conducted into more efficient resource use, including reuse, recycling, and re-purposing of the materials used.

Martin Späth, Senior consultant and expert Sustainable Photovoltaics (TNO)


Flexible solar modules

The demand for generating solar energy in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours is sharply growing. We present innovations in flexible foils, bifacial modules, and transparent elements offering new opportunities.

Sjoerd Veenstra, Program manager Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules (TNO)

sjoerd Veenstra

Tandem architecture to boost power conversion efficiency

An overview is given of the development of tandem solar technology. Tandem modules consist of a highly efficient perovskite top cell in combination with a variety of bottom cells and can be produced with industrial deposition techniques.

Valerio Zardetto, Senior scientist and expert Tandem Solar devices (TNO)


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  • The webinar will take place on Thursday 23 November 2023 - 14:00 CET.
  • The language of the webinar is English.
  • After registration, the webinar can be watched on demand.

Interesting for:

  • Solar industry (end users, equipment builders, manufacturer, producers and suppliers).
  • Academia.
  • People interested in the latest solar energy developments and innovations.

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