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Solar panel production back to Europe

Now is the time to start producing innovative solar technology in the Netherlands and Europe. Discover the opportunities for sustainability and employment in the built environment in this webinar.

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The new generation of Dutch solar panels

It's now or never for a European solar industry. The EU and the Netherlands are firmly committed to becoming more energy independent by increasing competitiveness in clean technologies. Moreover, we have a huge knowledge base that we can use to make solar panel production smarter and more sustainable. With new concepts that will be manufactured in factories in the Netherlands and Europe after 2025.

Not standard panels but smart solutions where solar power can come from any surface. Products with a higher yield are lightweight, easier to integrate into the living environment, more sustainable, and lower CO2 footprint. This way, we become less dependent on countries outside Europe and use the sun's energy best.

Being granted the National Growth Fund proposal SolarNL is an acknowledgment of the government's confidence. Now the real work will begin. We are at the beginning of exciting developments in solar power.

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There is plenty of room for interaction and discussion in this interactive webinar led by Harald Kerp.

Harald Kerp, TNO

State of industry solar panels back to Europe

State of play industry solar panels return to Europe, regulatory and financial measures overview, timeline, challenges and future outlook.

Marc Rechter, MCPV

Integration of solar energy into the environment and mass customisation

Integration of solar energy in building elements, infrastructure and other elements in the built environment and mass production methods. What is the technological state and where are the opportunities in making these developments sustainable and scaling them up?

Marc Koetse, TNO

Cooperation opportunities and questions

Harald Kerp, TNO

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Webinar: The next generation of solar technologies

How to make solar energy smarter and greener? Join our webinar to delve into cutting-edge developments in photovoltaic (PV) technology, circular solar solutions, flexible modules, and tandem architecture.

Solar panel production back to Europe


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14 March 2023

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26 September 2022