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11 February 2021

At present only 30% of researchers worldwide are women, according to data from UNESCO. In order to draw more attention to women and girls in science, International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated every year on 11 February. We would like to introduce 4 of our female scientists to you, with the goal of inspiring more women and girls to follow in their footsteps.

Laurie Hermans
Laurie Hermans

Laurie Hermans, Social scientist

As a social scientist – a cultural anthropologist, to be precise – Laurie Hermans is outnumbered at TNO. Even so, she feels right at home here.

Meet Laurie Hermans

Mirjam Nelisse
Mirjam Nelisse

Mirjam Nelisse, research scientist

If you want to analyse the safety risks and reliability of infrastructure, go to research scientist Mirjam Nelisse. As strange as it may sound, 100% safe infrastructure is not the aim.

Meet Mirjam Nelisse

Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar
Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar

Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar, chemical engineer

The passion of chemical engineer Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar is asphalt, sustainable asphalt to be precise. Wouldn't it be great if we could soon drive on roads made of bio-asphalt throughout the Netherlands?

Meet Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar

Romée Kars
Romée Kars

Romée Kars, Geologist

Romée Kars and her fellow researchers from the Geological Survey of the Netherlands use geomodelling to map the Dutch subsurface. This is inspiring work, because what is more interesting than the earth, the basis of everything?

Meet Romée Kars

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Discover hybrid working 2.0: virtual meetings in the metaverse

26 January 2023

Positive experiences of remote working are leading us to insights for new innovations. Our latest innovation: work meetings in the metaverse.

MaterialsNL Strategic Autonomy National Research Agenda


The energy transition is consuming enormous quantities of already scarce critical raw materials including lithium, cobalt and rare earths. Raw materials shortages are only just starting, the geopolitical implications are already being felt, as are the appeals to our morality: how do we relate to the earth and the growth paradigm?

TNO Utrecht, Princetonplein 6, 3584 CB Utrecht

TNO and TECNALIA collaborate on Digital Twins for Smart & Sustainable Cities

20 January 2023

TNO and TECNALIA Research & Innovation from Spain have announced a new cooperation agreement to establish a strategic partnership in applied research for smart and sustainable cities, mobility and enabling technologies, in particular Local Digital Twins. Representatives of both organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to this effect in Bilbao on 11th January 2023.

TNO extends EUV-partnership with USHIO Inc.

20 January 2023

USHIO Inc.-delegation visits TNO and extends EUV-partnership. Over the last five years USHIO Inc. has been TNO's strategic supplier and partner for the high intensity EUV light source used in our EBL2.

Subsidence in The Netherlands


What processes cause subsidence? What is the level of subsidence? And how can we predict the amount of subsidence yet to come?

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