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Air quality management using satellite data

Air pollution causes millions of premature deaths every year and increases illness amongst the population. Climate change threatens food production, causes sea levels to rise and shifts weather patterns on a global scale. Can satellite data help decreasing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions? This is the central question during this TNO webinar.

We will discuss how you can effectively reduce pollution levels and emissions in your country using satellite data and TNO’s LOTOS-EUROS prediction model, which will allow you to identify emission sources and understand the sectors that are responsible for them. This process empowers the user to start taking action.

The main topics that are discussed:

  • Air quality management: monitoring and reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions using satellite data.
  • The TROPOMI satellite instrument on board the Sentinel 5p mission: how does it work?
  • The LOTOS-EUROS (open source) air pollution model explained.
  • How can this be applied in your region?

Reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

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Jan Nijenhuis Knight has been appointed Knight in the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands. This royal appointment is an acknowledgement of his ground-breaking research in the field of opto-mechatronics.

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