The route to safe automated driving

What is necessary to ensure safe automated driving? TNO aims to accelerate the process for automated vehicles to be allowed on public roads. With the use of specialised knowledge, validation software and test scenarios, TNO helps to provide convincing evidence to demonstrate the safety of these vehicles.​

Automated driving: the challenges

The future of automated driving depends on reliable safety validation of vehicles to ensure that they operate safely in all traffic situations. How do we safely get automated vehicles on the road? ​TNO is working on necessary innovations. To get in touch with our experts on this topic, join the Meet the expert sessions below.

Meet the experts and join the route to safe automated driving

  • What’s new in safety assessment for automated driving?

    Session 1 | 3 June

    Automated driving poses new challenges to safety assessment. TNO explains which safety concepts are still valid and which need to be extended. ​Meet Olaf op den Camp and Henk Goossens (TNO). Register now >

  • Safety Assurance, operationalising regulations & standards

    Session 2 | 13 June

    Standards and regulations for safety assurance of automated driving sometimes create more questions that answers. TNO provides a deeper insight into the key aspects of the most relevant standards and regulations.

  • The human reference for safe and social driving

    Session 3 | 27 June

    Automated vehicles should drive like a competent and attentive human driver, which includes a social and responsible driving style. TNO clarifies how driver behaviour can be assessed with respect to perceived safety. Register now >

  • AI, the solution and the challenge?

    Session 4 | 11 July

    AI is a very powerful solution for complex tasks in an automated vehicle. The safety and system engineering challenges for vehicles with AI components are however still an open question. TNO illuminates the underlying issues and the direction for solutions.


Join free online sessions and meet the expert

Do you want to get the latest updates on safe automated driving? Join one of our sessions and meet the expert starting on the 3rd of June.

Validation software

Safe automated driving first

With our advanced safety validation software, TNO StreetWise, we aim to create seamless and safe transportation, driving societal and economic impact.​

Co-makership in development of self-driving software

Safe automated driving first

TNO advises OEM's, TIER1 suppliers and toolchain suppliers in developing secure software.​

Knowledge transfer

Safe automated driving first

TNO connects government, OEM's, TIER1 suppliers and toolchain suppliers in order to share knowledge and develop policy.

Paper StreetWise: scenario based safety assessment for automated driving

TNO StreetWise is an advanced method to describe real driving conditions and their variations and store that in a scenario database to enable scenario-based testing and validation. StreetWise brings safe automated driving one step closer. In this paper you will find the basics, the implementation and the future of scenario-based safety assessment.

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