TNO develops innovative technology and methods to improve the intelligence position of security providers. Intelligence is analysed information and knowledge that can be acted upon. Earlier, faster, and better insight and overview of complex situations and risky decisions through integration of technology, work processes, and people.

Information and data are considered ‘the new gold’. Intelligent sensors, responsible artificial intelligence, and privacy-enhancing technologies are making it possible to make the Netherlands safer. We do this by improving the intelligence position of security providers. Information profiles of persons and behaviour can help to trace fugitives more quickly and identify money laundering activities more effectively. By cleverly combining data from sensors and multiple sources, earlier, faster, and better decisions can be made in emergency situations. In complex situations with a lot of uncertainty, where the risks are high, intelligence supports well-informed decision making.


TNO's mission is to be the partner of intelligence components of security providers. We help our partners and clients innovate their information and intelligence processes in a visible and impactful way. Security research contributes to answering relevant knowledge, innovation, and transformation questions.

How do we do this?

TNO connects the needs and wishes of security providers to our own knowledge and expertise. We have up-to-date academic and technical knowledge to understand and innovate intelligence processes, methods, and technologies. With knowledge of sensor systems, responsible artificial intelligence, privacy-enhancing technologies, and the human factor, we make innovations pay off for security providers. This is also thanks to knowledge of the intelligence processes of security organisations, such as police and defence. Furthermore, we have a good understanding of the technologies, products, and services in the field.

Real-time risk assessment

Together with the police, several projects and programmes have been launched to improve information and intelligence processes. An example is the Risk Assessment project. In this project, TNO studies whether risk assessment tools have added value in the real-time control room process. Based on available information and knowledge, is there a risk of violence in the case of this person?

Dynamic Strategy

Another example is the Dynamic Strategy. This is an application for Operational Centres and the Large-scale and Special Operations Staff (SGBO). It enables the preparation of risks, scenarios, and measures for events. With crowd and evacuation models, decision-making is also supported in the event of an incident.

Other safety studies

TNO is also working on a generic approach for the automated analysis of potentially fraudulent companies. We’re developing tools and phenomenon definitions for this purpose.

Other safety studies include:

  • video analysis on large amounts of data
  • intelligence in the fast process
  • visualisation strategy for decision-making in the golden hour
  • intervention power through sensing
  • public participation
  • intelligence for municipalities
  • from speech recognition to automatic analysis
  • new ways of sharing information
  • AI for justice
  • AI for surveillance

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